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News for the 2010 edition

English News: ESFI, Pulse, SK-GamingTeamLiquid

Finnish News: Dome, SETT

German News: Digitale Generationfragster, Give It All

Japanese News: livedoor, negitaku

Portuguese News: hangarnet

Romanian News: Mysport

Serbian News: Electronic Sports Subotica

News for the 2009 edition

Press release from Turtle Entertainment GmbH (german):
„Das eSports Yearbook 2009“

News on ESL France (french):
„Esport Yearbook 2009 !“

Review from fragster.de (german):
„Vorgestellt: eSports Yearbook 2009 – Dem eSport ein Gesicht geben“

Review from HIGHFIVE-Gaming (french):
„eSports Yearbook 2009“

Belgian News: BeScene

Chinese News: quake.idv.tw, replays.net

Danish News: Codgaming.dk

Dutch News: Gamelux

English News: cadred 1, 2,  complexitydecerto, erodovesrealityfnatic, gaming420, losemannMLGTEK9

French News: ESL FranceFrenchfragfactory

German News: ANTIZIPERIA, Team Level 6, Alpenscene.at, fragsterGamersGlobalgamersNET.ch, GEEgulli, inWarcraft, mousesports, player1, Spieleratgeber NRW, Turtle Entertainment

Italian News: Quake Live Italia

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