Time is ticking!

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Only 10 weeks until the submission deadline for the next eSports Yearbook. We already have some interesting people who promised to write a story.

These are some topics that can still be taken if you are having trouble finding a topic on your own:

  • The most interesting event this year has been the release of Starcraft 2. We would love to hear about your experiences (gamer, organizer or manager)
  • Goodbye Warcraft:  A farewell article?
  • ESWC and CPL: Familiar names, many problems
  • Blizzard vs. Kespa: How Starcraft 2 will evolve in South Korea
  • Quo Vadis eSport, after 15 years: Where are we standing
  • Pro Gamers moving for eSport: Their experiences (e.g. DeMuslim, TLO)
  • eSport grows up and now gamers have kids. How do they raise them?
  • Interviews, Art, Comics and everything you can think of.
  • Jobs in eSport. Here we want you to describe a profession in eSport.
  • The future of eSports: How are we gaming in 10 years, which kind of games? Where?
  • Quake Live – Back to the Future
  • Dota, HoN, LoL, Halo, TF2, Trackmania, WoW, RDR, BFBC2, Guitar Hero?: Write something about your game.

If you have ideas, and think you will have problems to write, contact us. We are also looking for progamers who would give us exclusive interviews for the book.

Thank you for your time.

Julia & Tobi

skype: diejule/ t0bs3n

msn: arbitrariness@live.de / scholz@gamestudy.de

Sneak peak on the possible authors for the eSports Yearbook 2010:
David Hiltscher (VP Gaming Communities at Turtle Entertainment)
Matthew Coyle (MLG, arenacast, arenajunkies)
Kathleen Erler (n!faculty, slidestar.org)
Karthick Gopal (gosugamers, India)
Jasper Mah (Admin, Singapore, Events such as WCG)
Matt Gillott (Admin, ESL UK)
Sabine Hoffmeier (Editor, fragster.de)
Phillipp Saedler (Community Manager, ESL)
Duncan “Thorin” Shields (Editor/Caster, SK Gaming)
Julia Christophers (Editor, eSports Yearbook)
Tobias Scholz (Scientist, University Siegen)
Dennis “Hasu0bs” Schneider (WC3 pro, SC2 pro, 2009 eYb Cover)
Tomasz Nowik (Editor, MeetYourMakers)
Cyrus “proZaC” Malekani (Quake Live pro, legend, studies in Japan)
Stefan Düsterhöft (Player, CS:S)
Fabian Meßner (Editor, cadred)
Matthias Beyer (Community Manager, Freaks4u)
Colin Webster (President of Mind Sports South Africa)
Max Kieturakis (Editor, Frag eXecutors, Check6Gaming, ESEA)
Sebastian Radu (CEO e-sensation.com)
Holly Kreie (Intel Germany, NerdFM)
Christian Brand (Digitale Kultur e.V.)
Nico Schönemann (Turtle Entertainment GmbH)
Richard Lewis (cadred)
Oliver „hossa“ Keller (mymTw, CS:S pro)

And we heartily welcome Delan Hamasoor, who will be helping us in the proofreading process!

Press announcements (eSports Yearbook 2010):
SK Gaming

Tobias at the EPS Finals16This is a photo of Tobias Scholz. He is scouting his new university right now, so if you don’t reach him immediately just write to the contact@esportsyearbook.com address or add diejule in skype. 😉 thx

eSports Yearbook in France and UK!

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Now you can easily buy the eSports Yearbook in France and in the United Kingdom! We hope you enjoy this service and we are really sorry that it took so long to organize this with amazon in France and in the UK. But this means also that it will not take a long time for the next eSports Yearbook, which will be released in February 2011.

Amazon United Kingdom
Amazon France

SolEk- Team Thermaltake CSS

Please tell all your friends about the Yearbook, especially if you think they should read one of the articles from the eSports Yearbook 2009 PDF. You can hand in articles for the Yearbook 2010 to contact@eSportsyearbook.com until the last day of November 2010. If you have a great idea or if you want to introduce us to a great writer, please let us know!

Free Yearbook PDF:


→ You can download it here (about 3mb) ←

Thank you for your time and have a great sunny July 8th 2010.

Julia & Tobi

skype: diejule/ t0bs3n

msn: arbitrariness@live.de / scholz@gamestudy.de

Yearbook 2010 – Participate now!

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The eSports Yearbook 2010 will be available on Amazon just like the 2009 version. There will be a free PDF version on esportsyearbook.com and the book can be found in the google booksearch and of course will have an official ISBN number.

By the way, one of the eSports Yearbooks was taken home from the German EPS Finals 16 by Jürgen Roters, mayor of Cologne.

Please think carefully about which events were worldshaking in the eSports year 2010.

The deadline will be the last day of november (same procedure as every year for the second time) 2010.

You can easily contact the eSports Yearbook editors at:

The eSports Yearbook has been established to offer high-quality eSports articles to students and all researchers at universities. The book is a non-profit project. It is being printed just in time at the BOD service, once a customer orders one of the books at amazon. The whole 15.90€ are spent on the BOD print.

eSports fans all over the world ordered the book as a keepsake, clans and several eSports companies presented the book to journalists, politicians and sponsors in 2009, to be able to draw a clearer picture of eSports for everyone. eSports editors, players and managers woldwide already took their chance and wrote an article for the eSports Yearbook 2009. A publication in this book means, that you can express your view on eSports freely and personally.

The eSports Yearbook is a very relieable contemporary witness. It will be available for decades and aditionally, paper is a very patient material.
Not only articles but also photos and art can be sent to the eSports Yearbook editors.

The articles have to be written in English and our team will help you to improve your style if you like to. We will even help you to translate your text or help you to find a translator. If you have any questions or if you would like us to help you with your topic, feel free to contact us via e-mail.

Again we would like to thank all authors and translators for their contributions! This project would never be possible without your help and ideas.

German: Auf zur nächsten Ausgabe

Das eSports Yearbook 2010 wird ebenso wie die Version 2009 auf Amazon erhältlich sein. Es wird eine kostenlose Ausgabe im PDF-Format auf esportsyearbook.com geben, das Buch wird in der Google Buchsuche auftauchen und eine ISBN Nummer haben.

Eine Ausgabe hat übrigens auf den EPS Finals 16 der Oberbürgermeister von Köln, Jürgen Roters, mit nach Hause genommen.

Bitte überlegt möglichst intensiv, was die eSports Welt 2010 bewegt hat.

Einsendeschluss „wie immer“ (zum zweiten Mal) der 30. November (diesen Jahres, also 2010).

Die eSports Yearbook Editoren erreicht man ganz einfach unter:

Das eSports Yearbook dient der weltweiten Verbreitung hochwertiger eSports Artikel an Universitäten, das Buch wird als Non-Profit Projekt direkt über BoD gedruckt und über Amazon vertrieben.
eSports- Fans weltweit bestellten sich aber auch das Buch als Andenken, Clans und diverse eSports Firmen legten das eSports Yearbook 2009 Journalisten, Politikern und Sponsoren vor, um ihnen den eSports anschaulicher machen zu können.

eSports Redakteure, Spieler und Manager weltweit nahmen bereits zur ersten Ausgabe 2009 die Chance war, sich im eSports Yearbook zu verewigen. Eine Publikation in diesem Buch bedeutet, dass man sich ausdrücken kann, wie man den eSport persönlich und privat wahrnimmt und erlebt.

Ein Zeitzeuge mit Bestand: Das eSports Yearbook wird über Jahrzehnte bestellbar bleiben. Zudem ist Papier bekannterweise geduldig.
Nicht nur Artikel sondern auch Fotos oder Kunst dürfen bei uns für das Buch eingereicht werden!

Die Artikel müssen in Englisch vorliegen, unser kompetentes Team wird aber nach Wunsch eine Korrektur/Übersetzung vornehmen, sollte es am flüssigen Englisch etwas hapern. Wenn ihr über etwas schreiben wollt und Fragen habt, meldet euch einfach, wir werden euch weiterhelfen.

Wir danken nochmal herzlichst den Autoren und freuen uns auf alle Einsendungen für das Yearbook 2010!


eSports Yearbook is the first yearbook exclusively about eSports and stories of people involved into eSports. With over 10.000 downloads, over 100 sold books and a Russian translation, it is already a great success.

On May 26th, you will get the chance to witness a debate about eSports featuring the editors Julia Christophers and Tobias Scholz accompanied by writers Matthias Beyer, David Hiltscher, Lari Syrota, Konstantin Bös and Christian Exner. The debate will be followed by a Q&A sessions. If you want to ask anything about our passion for eSports.

19:00-20:00: eSports Debate
20:00-20:30: Q&A eSports Yearbook

To conclude there will be some nice prizes given out!

For more information on how to participate please check the News below.

Join the eSports Yearbook xfire Group

Release of the eBook!

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The eBook of the eSports Yearbook is available now!

→    You can download it here (about 3mb),     ←

however we ask you to download it only at our server so we can track the download numbers. We hope you have fun with the book and like the stories and pictures.

If you have problems with the file, you can get the Adobe Reader here.

And for our international readers: we are currently trying to work out the situation with amazon.com and amazon.co.uk, but it will take us some time. Please enjoy the eBook in the meantime and excuse this delay.

Release of the eSports Yearbook 2009

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Finally we hold the first eSports Yearbook in our hands and it looks great.

You will find a short overview about the book at Google and currently it is available at Amazon Germany, United Kingdom (should be soon buyable) and Japan. With the ISBN (978-3839164310) it should be orderable at any book store. Soon the book will be available at Amazon.com. Please find the link to the free eBook in the article above.

We would love to see you holding the print version in your hands, so please send us your pictures with the eSports Yearbook 2009 and we will upload them to the site. Additional you can already think about your articles for the next book and start sending them to us.

Please send us your articles until 30th of November 2010.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are open to any ideas. Whether you would like to be the person on the cover or you would like to show your eSports art in the next book… we will be glad to be inspired!


DEADLINE – 10th of December 2009

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Hi guys and girls! Our deadline will be the 10th of December 2009! Do not let it woosh by! We just got some cool new contributers, like Dario Salice! Remember, the book will be published world-wide via amazon, nobody earns money with this project. But if somebody from every eSports nation writes a cool article for this book, it will be interesting to everyone and in the end of the day the result will mirror what eSports is like in a very unique way.

Don’t be shy! If you have any funny last-minute idea, tell us! We are open to anything, because this is YOUR project.

Tobi and I only make sure that every voice will be heared and that the book will look fantastic. You are the writers, we are the layout guys! We ask you by this to send us your texts. You grab a cup of tea or coffe and write something awesome, something personal, something about your job in eSports or about your favourite game… This is a book for eSports fans, written by players, managers and editors. A book from eSports enthusiasts for eSports enthusiasts. And the best part is: The print version of this book can be used to present eSports to people who need to get a first eSports overview. For example, clans could order the book and give it to potential sponsors. Students at universities can quote from the book, even if they only use the eBook as a source.

Have fun!

Many Pages and a page format

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During the last weeks we had the chance to gather some interesting authors for the book and we got some facts straight for the book publishing. The picture of it is getting more and more clearly every day.

So today we want to spread our news and our sneak peak with a pdf which will be in the size of the book’s pages. However, it is not the final layout.


Here is the Sneak Peak of the eSports Yearbook 2009 and don’t forget there is still plenty of time to submit your story and we are eager to read it! But you also have to start thinking hard about what you want to write and when to write it, because if you forget it before Christmas, you will let us and your fans down and be not in this book ;/ awwwww ! XD

Stermy and Fatal1ty on board

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Dear eSports fans and representatives!

Today is again a very proud day for our eSports yearbook team. More and more people are asking us, if they can be part of our fantastic non-profit project.
Thank you for all the help and the ideas that you have offered to us so far!

HowTo – eSports Yearbook!

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Who can participate?
Gamers, people working in eSports, eSports journalists

Until when do I have to contribute?
Deadline: 2009 eSports Yearbook: December 10th 2009
Deadline: 2010 eSports Yearbook: November 30th 2010


Who is already in?
Patrick „FragFrog“ Kasper, Matthias „Losemann“ Beyer, Damla Pinar Gök, David “affentod” Hiltscher, Manuel „Grubby“ Schenkhuizen, Johnathan „Fatal1ty“ Wendel,  Jean-Christophe „LOBO“ Arnaud, Alessandro „stermy“ Avallone,  Lari Syrota, Konstantin „swine“ Bös, David Donschen, Steven Leunens… and many many more

What is it good for?
A book full of opinions, serious and funny eSports stories can only be good for everybody in eSports. A book about WoW, CS, Need for Speed, eSports in China, eSports in Russia, in Turkey, in Germany, in France, Romania… can be shown to journalists who did not yet really get what you were talking about. You can use this book as a gift to your friends and family. You can show this book to your sponsors or give it to them as a present. If you help us to launch this book in 2009, there will also be one for 2010 and so on. This means that after several years you can really see it as a yearbook, as if eSports was a school full of classes full of gamers and the book will remind you of faces you maybe have not seen for some time.

How do I contribute to this?
Send us about 1500 words in English and some nice pictures that illustrate your story. Your story should be about eSports. It can be your opinion on one topic. It can be an article on something you want everybody to read. It can be a funny story or a serious one. It can be the story of your clan or of your career.

How to contact the eSports Yearbook staff:

We wish you a splendid weekend!

Julia + Tobi