Who can participate?
Anybody can participate, if you have an idea and love eSport, you are the perfect candidate.

What type of contribution can I send in?
You can send in everything from an article, to an interview, a collage or a painting. We are open to any contributions and fresh ideas. Let’s talk about it! We also love to help you finishing your concepts, we offer free brainstorming and constructive criticism via e-Mail any time.


What is the cost structure of the eSports Yearbook?
Almost all of the money you pay for the book goes to the publisher (BOD), however some cents go into the server, maintenance and costs we had in the beginning of the publication. After the crossing point, we will get a coffee and then use that money to buy books and give them for free to you or to politicians and scientists.

Why is eSports Yearbook a non-profit project?
eSport is our passion, so for us there is no reason to try to make money with this project.

Can I help to translate the eSports Yearbook?
We would love to see the book in different languages. So you can translate the articles, just give us a notice about it. If you want to translate the whole book, we will do the layout and publish the eBook on our website. Additionally you will have the chance to write your own preface for the translation and you will be mentioned as the book’s translator.

Can I help to get authors for the book?
If you have an idea for an article or know somebody who is perfect for an article, we will be happy if you write about it or encourage this person to write. However if there are concerns about the language, we are happy to help you with that problem.

Can I help you with a banner?
Yes, that would be a great thing. Please write to contact@esportsyearbook.com and we will send you a banner swiftly.

Wait, I still have questions!
Then send us an email to contact@esportsyearbook.com

What is Creative Commons and how are you using it?
Creative Commons is a copyright sign, however it is more community friendly than the current copyright. So you can copy the articles and everything as long you name the creator. The complete license agreement can be found under http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/de/deed.en . Important you use it only in non-commercial way!

Do I keep my rights for the article or picture or anything else, if I submit it to the book?
Yes you have all the rights for your submission, the exact agreement is http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/de/deed.en here to find. If you like a different copyright agreement, please let us know.