Julia Christophers was born in 1983 in Westerstede, Germany. She established eMAG – an online eSports magazine – with Tobias Scholz in 2004. She has been a working student at the Electronic Sports League (Turtle Entertainment GmbH) since Feb. 2006, achieved her Mas- ter of Arts degree in International Comparative Literature and Media, English and German at Bonn University in June 2009 and has been working at ESL since. As Game Head Coordina- tor she is involved in the development of ESL’s tools and the website. She is supervising the Game Heads who are running tournaments in ESL’s most played eSports titles.

Tobias M. Scholz was born 1983 in Regensburg, Germany. He was team leader at GameSports and co-founded the eMAG – an online eSports magazine, with Julia Christophers in 2004. He achieved his Diploma in Business Administration at the Goethe University Frankfurt in February 2009. He is a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Siegen. He works as a Research Assistant and a Teaching Assistant at the Chair for Human Resource Management and Organisational Behavior.


Julia ‚diejule‘ Christophers with our book.


Tobias ‚t0bs3n‘ Scholz with our book.


Julia ‚diejule‘ Christophers and Tobias ‚t0bs3n‘ Scholz with Philipp ‚kookian‘ Schaz at the EPS Finals 2004 Season 4.


Another picture of Julia ‚diejule‘ Christophers and Tobias ‚t0bs3n‘ Scholz at the Games Convention 2004 with Jonathan ‚Fatal1ty‘ Wendel and the eMAG-Team.