2011/12: Article overview

Creating an eSports product: The Go4 Cupseries by Julia Christophers
Manifesto on SC2 eSports by Manuel Schenkhuizen
The State of Play of Team Fortress 2 – A Underdog Story by Henry Harris
The World of eSports – Through a Girl Gamer’s Eye by Anamika Misra and Akshay Danwani
DotA 2 and Its Trouble in South East Asia by Terrence Wong
eSports – The Indian Perspective by Aman Parmar
Spain is Waking Up by Ángel Quintana
What Happened to Quake? A Though Year for Our Most Beautiful Game by Marc-Andre Messier
League of Legends, Mass Market Product or Great eSports Title by Marvin Horstmann
New Broadcasting Ways in IPTV – The Case of the Starcraft Broadcasting Scene by Tobias M. Scholz

2010: Article overview

A Decade of eSports: The Asian Perspective by Jasper Mah
Passion in eSports – A Flame that Never Goes Out by Duncan Shields
A Year in which Business and eSports Games Learned to Co-exist by Mark O’Beirne
StarCraft II in Western eSports: Is Television Needed? by Marc Onofrio
Art of Daniel Andersson by Daniel Andersson
Changing Perspectives – An Owner’s Journey through ESports by Frank Fields
Rising to the Challenge by Colin Webster
Spectator Experiences at MLG Dallas vs. Korea by Christina Kelly
The Lessons eSports Should Learn From The Recession by Marc-Andre Messier
The Globe of eSports: Our Cultures, Our Worlds by Jasper Mah
The Golden Five and its’ Impact on Polish eSports Scene by Tomasz Nowik
A Cinderella Story by Christian Warnholz
Me and My Art by Kee Ahnström
What Can We Learn from Starcraft by Tobias M. Scholz
Baneling BBQ by Emil Erlandsson
Why Cheating Is A Crime – The ESL Wire Story by Julia Christophers

2009: Article overview

eSports – A New Word by Jean-Christophe Arnaud, France
Why Coaches Would Improve eSports by Frank Fields, United States, Journalist
eSports Jobs by Julia Christophers, Germany, Community Manager
The End of the ESWC and How to Move On by David Donschen, Germany, Journalist
My Slightly Confused Memories of CPL 2004 by David Hiltscher, Germany, Community Manager
Talk with Muhamed Jamil Eid by Stefan Maass, Germany, Consultant
The Impact of eSport on My Life by Damla Pinar Goek, Turkey
The Big Bang Reality by Matthias Beyer, Germany, Community Manager
DotA: An eSport Dream by Patrick Kasper, Germany, Journalist
How a Hobby Became Some Kind of Destiny by Matthias Meyer, Germany, Host
Gamers as a Safety Hazard by Christian Scholz, Austria, Researcher
Probing the Sportiness of eSports by Emma Witkowski, Denmark, Researcher
eSports in the Working World by Tobias Scholz, Austria, Researcher
Fnatic 2009 – A Photo Collage by Simon Bidwell, Great Britain
Easy to Learn, Hard to Master by Camille Versteeg, Netherlands
The Trials, Tribulations and Perseverance by Gene Angel and Brent Ruiz, United States, Entrepreneur
The Irish Scene – Seeds of Change by Mark O‘Beirne, Ireland, Journalist
A Year of Belgian eSports by Steve Leunens, Belgium, Entrepreneur
eSport – My Passion by Christian Exner, Germany, Journalist
Federations in eSport by Dario Salice, Switzerland, President of SESF
A Russian Desert in the Country by Konstantin Boes, Germany, Journalist
Grubby and the Tears of Chengdu by Jonas Gebhardt, Gibraltar
hoorai‘s Most Valuable Asset by Lari Syrota, Germany, Consultant
Stermy’s Life Story by Alessandro Avallone, Italy, Pro Gamer
Grubby – My First Tournament by Manuel Schenkhuizen, Netherlands, Pro Gamer

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