Damla Pinar Gök on board!

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As a little cookie we proudly present to you a name from our secret list of authors:


Damla Pinar Gök

Damla Pinar Gök joined the gaming business in 1999 as a volunteer for a gaming website. Then she became a referee for international tournaments in 2002. Since 2004 she has been working as Seti Publishing’s Event Manager and she is very good at fragging in Quake…

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are very happy about the e-mails we got from famous players and distinguished people working in eSports. Many interesting people that run the show or make the fans bite their lips/ jump into the air responded. But this is not enough: we want more. We want to make sure that everyone in eSports that feels like he or she has to tell a story for 2009 sends us an e-mail. Every eSports institution/ clan can send us a 1500-words-long story about them. Feel free to contact us if you are not sure about how to write/ present your story. You are also free to choose pictures for your pages in the book. The book will be published internationally online, it is a print version, it will also be available via amazon. That is why this book (with its many different faces, pictures and stories), if you participate, can be eye-opening to many people, including the press.

Make sure you write your article in English. We reply to all questions immediately:




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We are working on the facts and the authors for the book, however we added us to facebook and twitter. Become a Fan and follow us. Stay tuned!


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This is the blog of the world’s first esports yearbook. More information is coming soon. Basically this is about Julia Christophers‘ and Tobias Scholz‘ idea of working on one esports yearbook for every year. A yearbook contains many interesting glimpses of esports life written by people right out of the scene. We hope you enjoy.