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Edition 2011 is finally here!

Dezember 20th, 2012 | Posted by diejule in General - (0 Comments)

This is all folks! We have done it shortly before Christmas, hooray!

The new edition of the eSports Yearbook can be under your Christmas tree… if you dare to print it!


>>> http://esportsyearbook.com/eyb201112.pdf <<<

Yes you have understood me right, you can dowload it for free and enjoy it as a holiday lecture!

Let the eSports year 2011 pass again in front of your inner eye, featuring beautiful photos and deep insights into the eSports world!

We are looking forward to your comments!

/edit on 14.03.2013: you can now find us at amazon.com & amazon.co.uk & amazon.de & amazon.ca & amazon.fr


Tobias Scholz and Julia Christophers



yB Release soon!

März 24th, 2011 | Posted by diejule in General - (2 Comments)

Hello eSports world! The eSports Yearbook 2010 will be released soon. We are currently working on the layout and choosing the photo for the title. Please don’t get nervous, we will write a news of course when the book is finally available, as a free PDF file and on amazon as a print version! have a great day! <3

eSports Yearbook in France and UK!

Juli 8th, 2010 | Posted by diejule in General - (0 Comments)

Now you can easily buy the eSports Yearbook in France and in the United Kingdom! We hope you enjoy this service and we are really sorry that it took so long to organize this with amazon in France and in the UK. But this means also that it will not take a long time for the next eSports Yearbook, which will be released in February 2011.

Amazon United Kingdom
Amazon France

SolEk- Team Thermaltake CSS

Please tell all your friends about the Yearbook, especially if you think they should read one of the articles from the eSports Yearbook 2009 PDF. You can hand in articles for the Yearbook 2010 to contact@eSportsyearbook.com until the last day of November 2010. If you have a great idea or if you want to introduce us to a great writer, please let us know!

Free Yearbook PDF:


→ You can download it here (about 3mb) ←

Thank you for your time and have a great sunny July 8th 2010.

Julia & Tobi

skype: diejule/ t0bs3n

msn: arbitrariness@live.de / scholz@gamestudy.de

DEADLINE – 10th of December 2009

November 23rd, 2009 | Posted by diejule in General - (0 Comments)

Hi guys and girls! Our deadline will be the 10th of December 2009! Do not let it woosh by! We just got some cool new contributers, like Dario Salice! Remember, the book will be published world-wide via amazon, nobody earns money with this project. But if somebody from every eSports nation writes a cool article for this book, it will be interesting to everyone and in the end of the day the result will mirror what eSports is like in a very unique way.

Don’t be shy! If you have any funny last-minute idea, tell us! We are open to anything, because this is YOUR project.

Tobi and I only make sure that every voice will be heared and that the book will look fantastic. You are the writers, we are the layout guys! We ask you by this to send us your texts. You grab a cup of tea or coffe and write something awesome, something personal, something about your job in eSports or about your favourite game… This is a book for eSports fans, written by players, managers and editors. A book from eSports enthusiasts for eSports enthusiasts. And the best part is: The print version of this book can be used to present eSports to people who need to get a first eSports overview. For example, clans could order the book and give it to potential sponsors. Students at universities can quote from the book, even if they only use the eBook as a source.

Have fun!

Stermy and Fatal1ty on board

Oktober 19th, 2009 | Posted by diejule in General - (0 Comments)

Dear eSports fans and representatives!

Today is again a very proud day for our eSports yearbook team. More and more people are asking us, if they can be part of our fantastic non-profit project.
Thank you for all the help and the ideas that you have offered to us so far!

HowTo – eSports Yearbook!

Oktober 17th, 2009 | Posted by diejule in General - (2 Comments)

Who can participate?
Gamers, people working in eSports, eSports journalists

Until when do I have to contribute?
Deadline: 2009 eSports Yearbook: December 10th 2009
Deadline: 2010 eSports Yearbook: November 30th 2010


Who is already in?
Patrick „FragFrog“ Kasper, Matthias „Losemann“ Beyer, Damla Pinar Gök, David “affentod” Hiltscher, Manuel „Grubby“ Schenkhuizen, Johnathan „Fatal1ty“ Wendel,  Jean-Christophe „LOBO“ Arnaud, Alessandro „stermy“ Avallone,  Lari Syrota, Konstantin „swine“ Bös, David Donschen, Steven Leunens… and many many more

What is it good for?
A book full of opinions, serious and funny eSports stories can only be good for everybody in eSports. A book about WoW, CS, Need for Speed, eSports in China, eSports in Russia, in Turkey, in Germany, in France, Romania… can be shown to journalists who did not yet really get what you were talking about. You can use this book as a gift to your friends and family. You can show this book to your sponsors or give it to them as a present. If you help us to launch this book in 2009, there will also be one for 2010 and so on. This means that after several years you can really see it as a yearbook, as if eSports was a school full of classes full of gamers and the book will remind you of faces you maybe have not seen for some time.

How do I contribute to this?
Send us about 1500 words in English and some nice pictures that illustrate your story. Your story should be about eSports. It can be your opinion on one topic. It can be an article on something you want everybody to read. It can be a funny story or a serious one. It can be the story of your clan or of your career.

How to contact the eSports Yearbook staff:

We wish you a splendid weekend!

Julia + Tobi

Damla Pinar Gök on board!

September 22nd, 2009 | Posted by diejule in General - (0 Comments)

As a little cookie we proudly present to you a name from our secret list of authors:


Damla Pinar Gök

Damla Pinar Gök joined the gaming business in 1999 as a volunteer for a gaming website. Then she became a referee for international tournaments in 2002. Since 2004 she has been working as Seti Publishing’s Event Manager and she is very good at fragging in Quake…

eSports yearbook – the inevitable progress

September 17th, 2009 | Posted by diejule in General - (0 Comments)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are very happy about the e-mails we got from famous players and distinguished people working in eSports. Many interesting people that run the show or make the fans bite their lips/ jump into the air responded. But this is not enough: we want more. We want to make sure that everyone in eSports that feels like he or she has to tell a story for 2009 sends us an e-mail. Every eSports institution/ clan can send us a 1500-words-long story about them. Feel free to contact us if you are not sure about how to write/ present your story. You are also free to choose pictures for your pages in the book. The book will be published internationally online, it is a print version, it will also be available via amazon. That is why this book (with its many different faces, pictures and stories), if you participate, can be eye-opening to many people, including the press.

Make sure you write your article in English. We reply to all questions immediately: