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eSports Yearbook is the first yearbook exclusively about eSports and stories of people involved into eSports. With over 10.000 downloads, over 100 sold books and a Russian translation, it is already a great success.

On May 26th, you will get the chance to witness a debate about eSports featuring the editors Julia Christophers and Tobias Scholz accompanied by writers Matthias Beyer, David Hiltscher, Lari Syrota, Konstantin Bös and Christian Exner. The debate will be followed by a Q&A sessions. If you want to ask anything about our passion for eSports.

19:00-20:00: eSports Debate
20:00-20:30: Q&A eSports Yearbook

To conclude there will be some nice prizes given out!

For more information on how to participate please check the News below.

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Release of the eBook!

April 24th, 2010 | Posted by t0bs3n in General - (4 Comments)


The eBook of the eSports Yearbook is available now!

→    You can download it here (about 3mb),     ←

however we ask you to download it only at our server so we can track the download numbers. We hope you have fun with the book and like the stories and pictures.

If you have problems with the file, you can get the Adobe Reader here.

And for our international readers: we are currently trying to work out the situation with amazon.com and amazon.co.uk, but it will take us some time. Please enjoy the eBook in the meantime and excuse this delay.

Release of the eSports Yearbook 2009

April 10th, 2010 | Posted by t0bs3n in General - (0 Comments)


Finally we hold the first eSports Yearbook in our hands and it looks great.

You will find a short overview about the book at Google and currently it is available at Amazon Germany, United Kingdom (should be soon buyable) and Japan. With the ISBN (978-3839164310) it should be orderable at any book store. Soon the book will be available at Amazon.com. Please find the link to the free eBook in the article above.

We would love to see you holding the print version in your hands, so please send us your pictures with the eSports Yearbook 2009 and we will upload them to the site. Additional you can already think about your articles for the next book and start sending them to us.

Please send us your articles until 30th of November 2010.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are open to any ideas. Whether you would like to be the person on the cover or you would like to show your eSports art in the next book… we will be glad to be inspired!


Many Pages and a page format

November 19th, 2009 | Posted by t0bs3n in General - (0 Comments)

During the last weeks we had the chance to gather some interesting authors for the book and we got some facts straight for the book publishing. The picture of it is getting more and more clearly every day.

So today we want to spread our news and our sneak peak with a pdf which will be in the size of the book’s pages. However, it is not the final layout.


Here is the Sneak Peak of the eSports Yearbook 2009 and don’t forget there is still plenty of time to submit your story and we are eager to read it! But you also have to start thinking hard about what you want to write and when to write it, because if you forget it before Christmas, you will let us and your fans down and be not in this book ;/ awwwww ! XD

Facebook and Twitter

August 10th, 2009 | Posted by t0bs3n in General - (0 Comments)

We are working on the facts and the authors for the book, however we added us to facebook and twitter. Become a Fan and follow us. Stay tuned!


August 8th, 2009 | Posted by t0bs3n in General - (0 Comments)

This is the blog of the world’s first esports yearbook. More information is coming soon. Basically this is about Julia Christophers‘ and Tobias Scholz‘ idea of working on one esports yearbook for every year. A yearbook contains many interesting glimpses of esports life written by people right out of the scene. We hope you enjoy.