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März 29th, 2017 | Posted by t0bs3n in General

We are proud to announce our newest edition of the eSports Yearbook. In the eSports Yearbook 2015/16 you will find several interesting stories and furthermore many scientific articles. Over the years, we are gradually shifting more and more towards scientific articles.

Despite the recent boom or gain in the business context, eSports is still a niche topic in research, so we are happy this is gradually changing in the recent years. In the book, we have several authors tackling different aspects in eSports: Brenda Ho is looking into the eSports spectatorship, Rolf Drenthe takes a deeper look into the informal roles in Counter-Strike Teams. Furthermore, Viktor Barie is presenting a potential reverse gamification effect in eSports. Isaque Renovato de Araujo and Fernando Porfírio Soares de Oliveira are researching the potential of eSports being an Olympic discipline. Filbert Goetomo is taking a closer look on the connection between League of Legend teams and the owning corporations. Finally, Christian Esteban Martín Luján has analysed the ergonomics in eSports and the health perception of gamers. Our long time veteran Marc-André Messier is writing about the potential turning point of FPS games. It is quite a diverse assembling of papers and we hope you have a great time reading it. Furthermore, we hope you have a chance to cite the articles.

It is downloadable here: http://www.esportsyearbook.com/eyb201516.pdf (Free!). We are looking forward to your comments and hope you share it with your friends.

The “real” book will take some time, but we will let you know about its release soon!


Julia and Tobias

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