Edition 2013/14 is available

August 22nd, 2015 | Posted by t0bs3n in General
Hello everybody, it was a bit quiet around our book-project, but we can present you with the latest version of the book today!
We wish you a great time reading it and hope you like it! There are several interesting stories and furthermore many scientific articles. We got great articles concerning marketing, perception of eSports and have a spotlight on Brazil. Furthermore articles about the work of casters and eSports in High Schools. Many interesting stories to read and cite.
It is downloadable here: http://www.esportsyearbook.com/eyb1314.pdf (Free! around 40mb)
We are looking forward to your comments and hope you share it with your friends.
The “real” book will take some time, but we will let you know about its release soon!
Julia and Tobias

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