eSports Yearbook 2011 – Extended Deadline

Januar 15th, 2012 | Posted by t0bs3n in General

Due to many requests, submissions still may be handed in!! If you have any questions or need our support, please contact us (contact@esportsyearbook.com).

Quick FAQ:

  • We would like you to send us eSports articles, any length!
  • Articles need to be exclusively written for eSports Yearbook
  • Our book has two main purposes: Create book with eSports articles that students can quote from (because of ISBN number) so they can write about eSports at universities!! Our book is the first book worldwide that allowed students to have „classic“ sources for such cases, we had this idea because we used to have the exact same dilemma. Second purpose: Our books look super stylish: eSports companies can use our books when they work with sponsors, they can use our book as a Christmas gift – eSports journalists and gamers get the chance to get published in a real book and help to write history.
  • We accept articles from all over the world, YES PLEASE! If your English sucks, our team will smoothen all flaws out – Julia studied International Comparative Media and has a real talent for preserving the original meaning of a text in the translation/ smoothing process.
  • We LOVE you to hand in your articles with statistics, pictures… anything that your article in your Humble Opinion should have
  • PLEASE attach¬†1-2 sentences about yourself: I am a cute panda bear writing for Teamliquid.net; I have been an eSports journalist since 2001; My first PC was a Game Boy. Today I am a professor for Media, also teaching eSports at Carleton University, Canada.

Further examples:

„Pollux DesRow is a professional Grand Master League Starcraft II player from Poitiers, France. 2009 he became World Champion in Starcraft II in the Intel Extreme Masters. If you enjoyed this article about his eSports art gallery in Washington, you can always visit him www.eSportsartgallery.com or send him an e-Mail: PoLLuXDesroW@eSportsartgallery.com“

„Julia Christophers is ESL’s Game Head Coordinator and publisher of the eSports Yearbook. She graduated from Bonn University in International Comparative Literature and Media June 2009. julia.christophers@googlemail.com“


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