eSports Yearbook 2011 – Call for Participation!

Oktober 11th, 2011 | Posted by t0bs3n in General

It is this time of year (after two editions it is okay to say right?), we are looking for your participation for the eSports Yearbook 2011 edition. We are looking for your contribution, and are happy to receive any kind of it. So send us your articles, interviews, essays, comics, pictures and everything else. If you have an idea but don’t think you write well enough, we help you with it. If you know somebody who should contribute, please encourage them.

Again the book will be available on Amazon and also as a free PDF version and of course will have an official ISBN number. The eSports Yearbook has been established to offer high-quality eSports articles to students and all researchers at universities. The book is a non-profit project.

The deadline will be the 15.1.2012, please send us your stuff until then, but it would be awesome if you send it earlier.

The eSports Yearbook is a very reliable contemporary witness. It will be available for decades and additionally, paper is a very patient material.
Not only articles but also photos and art can be sent to the eSports Yearbook editors.

The articles have to be written in English and our team will help you to improve your style if you like to. We will even help you to translate your text or help you to find a translator. If you have any questions or if you would like us to help you with your topic, feel free to contact us via e-mail.

Again we would like to thank all authors for their contributions! This project would never be possible without your help and ideas.

You can easily contact the eSports Yearbook editors at: contact@esportsyearbook.com

As for our eSports Yearbook Starcraft Cup, it will happen. Maybe around the weekend of the 28th of October, we will keep you informed.

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