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Juli 20th, 2011 | Posted by t0bs3n in General

Dear readers of the eSports Yearbook,

The year 2010 has passed and we have been collecting stories that happened in the past year. We have been looking for authors who could write interesting stories or analyze certain phenomena that occurred in 2010. Last but not least we have written our own articles for the eSports Yearbook 2010. And we have set a new rule: eSports is from now on written with a capital S in the book. It never contains a hyphen and it never starts with a capital E. Now we are ready to publish the book, on eSportsyearbook.com (free PDF) amazon.de/uk/fr/us (printed book with an ISBN number – for the price of the print only. This is currently in the layouting-process, we will keep you informed) and on www.issuu.com (free eBook).

New this year was our search for artists who were maybe painters or comic artists. We got lucky for example when Julia stumbled over a young man in Sweden who was trying to decorate his little art exhibition at Dreamhack. She helped him and saw that his work was very powerful and unique, so she told Kee about the Yearbook. We very much hope that some artists will see this Yearbook and contact us for the 2011 issue.

If you have any kind of direct feedback to an article you read in the Yearbooks, please feel free to write to contact@esportsyearbook.com. We would definitely not only print articles but also letters from readers if you have interesting thoughts. Also contact us if you have a favourite eSports website, artist, game or anything that you would like to read about in the book! It is important to mention, that everybody can contribute to the book and so if you have interesting stories, ideas, art or anything else. Don’t hesitate to contact us and send your stuff for the next eSports Yearbook. eSports Yearbook is a project for you but especially from you.

For the release of the book we would like to have a Starcraft-Tournament with the editors and readers, currently we are looking for a date for that (and Tobi needs some practice as he is a not improving bronze-league player), so stay tuned, the winner will get a signed edition of the eSports Yearbook 2010.


Julia & Tobias


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