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September 17th, 2010 | Posted by t0bs3n in General


Only 10 weeks until the submission deadline for the next eSports Yearbook. We already have some interesting people who promised to write a story.

These are some topics that can still be taken if you are having trouble finding a topic on your own:

  • The most interesting event this year has been the release of Starcraft 2. We would love to hear about your experiences (gamer, organizer or manager)
  • Goodbye Warcraft:  A farewell article?
  • ESWC and CPL: Familiar names, many problems
  • Blizzard vs. Kespa: How Starcraft 2 will evolve in South Korea
  • Quo Vadis eSport, after 15 years: Where are we standing
  • Pro Gamers moving for eSport: Their experiences (e.g. DeMuslim, TLO)
  • eSport grows up and now gamers have kids. How do they raise them?
  • Interviews, Art, Comics and everything you can think of.
  • Jobs in eSport. Here we want you to describe a profession in eSport.
  • The future of eSports: How are we gaming in 10 years, which kind of games? Where?
  • Quake Live – Back to the Future
  • Dota, HoN, LoL, Halo, TF2, Trackmania, WoW, RDR, BFBC2, Guitar Hero?: Write something about your game.

If you have ideas, and think you will have problems to write, contact us. We are also looking for progamers who would give us exclusive interviews for the book.

Thank you for your time.

Julia & Tobi

skype: diejule/ t0bs3n

msn: arbitrariness@live.de / scholz@gamestudy.de

Sneak peak on the possible authors for the eSports Yearbook 2010:
David Hiltscher (VP Gaming Communities at Turtle Entertainment)
Matthew Coyle (MLG, arenacast, arenajunkies)
Kathleen Erler (n!faculty, slidestar.org)
Karthick Gopal (gosugamers, India)
Jasper Mah (Admin, Singapore, Events such as WCG)
Matt Gillott (Admin, ESL UK)
Sabine Hoffmeier (Editor, fragster.de)
Phillipp Saedler (Community Manager, ESL)
Duncan “Thorin” Shields (Editor/Caster, SK Gaming)
Julia Christophers (Editor, eSports Yearbook)
Tobias Scholz (Scientist, University Siegen)
Dennis “Hasu0bs” Schneider (WC3 pro, SC2 pro, 2009 eYb Cover)
Tomasz Nowik (Editor, MeetYourMakers)
Cyrus “proZaC” Malekani (Quake Live pro, legend, studies in Japan)
Stefan Düsterhöft (Player, CS:S)
Fabian Meßner (Editor, cadred)
Matthias Beyer (Community Manager, Freaks4u)
Colin Webster (President of Mind Sports South Africa)
Max Kieturakis (Editor, Frag eXecutors, Check6Gaming, ESEA)
Sebastian Radu (CEO e-sensation.com)
Holly Kreie (Intel Germany, NerdFM)
Christian Brand (Digitale Kultur e.V.)
Nico Schönemann (Turtle Entertainment GmbH)
Richard Lewis (cadred)
Oliver „hossa“ Keller (mymTw, CS:S pro)

And we heartily welcome Delan Hamasoor, who will be helping us in the proofreading process!

Press announcements (eSports Yearbook 2010):
SK Gaming

Tobias at the EPS Finals16This is a photo of Tobias Scholz. He is scouting his new university right now, so if you don’t reach him immediately just write to the contact@esportsyearbook.com address or add diejule in skype. 😉 thx

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