May 26th 19:00-20:30 CET: eSports Yearbook Live Chat

Mai 24th, 2010 | Posted by t0bs3n in General


eSports Yearbook is the first yearbook exclusively about eSports and stories of people involved into eSports. With over 10.000 downloads, over 100 sold books and a Russian translation, it is already a great success.

On May 26th, you will get the chance to witness a debate about eSports featuring the editors Julia Christophers and Tobias Scholz accompanied by writers Matthias Beyer, David Hiltscher, Lari Syrota, Konstantin Bös and Christian Exner. The debate will be followed by a Q&A sessions. If you want to ask anything about our passion for eSports.

19:00-20:00: eSports Debate
20:00-20:30: Q&A eSports Yearbook

To conclude there will be some nice prizes given out!

For more information on how to participate please check the News below.

Join the eSports Yearbook xfire Group

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