DEADLINE – 10th of December 2009

November 23rd, 2009 | Posted by diejule in General

Hi guys and girls! Our deadline will be the 10th of December 2009! Do not let it woosh by! We just got some cool new contributers, like Dario Salice! Remember, the book will be published world-wide via amazon, nobody earns money with this project. But if somebody from every eSports nation writes a cool article for this book, it will be interesting to everyone and in the end of the day the result will mirror what eSports is like in a very unique way.

Don’t be shy! If you have any funny last-minute idea, tell us! We are open to anything, because this is YOUR project.

Tobi and I only make sure that every voice will be heared and that the book will look fantastic. You are the writers, we are the layout guys! We ask you by this to send us your texts. You grab a cup of tea or coffe and write something awesome, something personal, something about your job in eSports or about your favourite game… This is a book for eSports fans, written by players, managers and editors. A book from eSports enthusiasts for eSports enthusiasts. And the best part is: The print version of this book can be used to present eSports to people who need to get a first eSports overview. For example, clans could order the book and give it to potential sponsors. Students at universities can quote from the book, even if they only use the eBook as a source.

Have fun!

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