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Oktober 17th, 2009 | Posted by diejule in General

Who can participate?
Gamers, people working in eSports, eSports journalists

Until when do I have to contribute?
Deadline: 2009 eSports Yearbook: December 10th 2009
Deadline: 2010 eSports Yearbook: November 30th 2010


Who is already in?
Patrick „FragFrog“ Kasper, Matthias „Losemann“ Beyer, Damla Pinar Gök, David “affentod” Hiltscher, Manuel „Grubby“ Schenkhuizen, Johnathan „Fatal1ty“ Wendel,  Jean-Christophe „LOBO“ Arnaud, Alessandro „stermy“ Avallone,  Lari Syrota, Konstantin „swine“ Bös, David Donschen, Steven Leunens… and many many more

What is it good for?
A book full of opinions, serious and funny eSports stories can only be good for everybody in eSports. A book about WoW, CS, Need for Speed, eSports in China, eSports in Russia, in Turkey, in Germany, in France, Romania… can be shown to journalists who did not yet really get what you were talking about. You can use this book as a gift to your friends and family. You can show this book to your sponsors or give it to them as a present. If you help us to launch this book in 2009, there will also be one for 2010 and so on. This means that after several years you can really see it as a yearbook, as if eSports was a school full of classes full of gamers and the book will remind you of faces you maybe have not seen for some time.

How do I contribute to this?
Send us about 1500 words in English and some nice pictures that illustrate your story. Your story should be about eSports. It can be your opinion on one topic. It can be an article on something you want everybody to read. It can be a funny story or a serious one. It can be the story of your clan or of your career.

How to contact the eSports Yearbook staff:

We wish you a splendid weekend!

Julia + Tobi

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